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Fridge magnet poetry is when you may have a bunch of little magnets with phrases on them. Taking the accessible phrases, organize the magnets right into a poem. Kasey Bell has created a digital model of this on Google Drawings. That is nice, however if you wish to create poetry with particular vocabulary phrases, it may take a while to change the magnets. I modified the seating chart slides to now let you create the “magnets” a lot sooner.

Download Google Slides with fridge background

Magnet function on Alice Keeler’s seating chart slides

I’ve coded a method to take phrases or sentences in a Google Doc and magically flip them into Google Slides. Doc to Slides turns every paragraph into a person slide. In contrast, Seating Chart Slides creates a rectangle with the phrase or sentence on it. All of those are created on the identical slide. Clearly one use for that is to create seating plans. Nonetheless, this skill can be utilized in some ways. One is to create fridge poetry on Google Slides.

Create poetry on the fridge

Begin with a Google Doc itemizing the vocabulary phrases you need to make accessible to college students. Do this pattern Google doc for an instance.

screenshot of showing the sidebar on seat chart slides under the extensions menu.  Start with Creating Poetry on the Refrigerator

create magnets

Within the sidebar, select the underside choice. Click on “Create Magnets”. It will mechanically create a brand new Google Presentation.

sidebar of Alice Keeler's seating chart slides.  The bottom button is the option to "Randomize the list and create refrigerator magnets." Randomly select a subgroup of paragraphs.  Create multiple versions.

Create a replica of the pattern Google Slides with magnets.

Subset of the phrases or phrases

Every time you press the “Enter” key in your Google Doc is what determines a brand new textual content field. You may have brief phrases or particular person phrases on every line in Google Doc. Selecting “Create Google Slides” will add a rectangle for ALL phrases. The concept of ​​”Create Magnets” is to have a SUBSETS of phrases.

Screenshot of the popup window.  how many per slide  Enter a whole number

A popup window will ask you what number of phrases/phrases you need per slide. Select a quantity smaller than the whole variety of strains within the Google Doc. Additionally, you will be requested what number of variations you need to create.

Reuse Google Slides

Within the sidebar is the choice to stick the hyperlink to a Google presentation you have already got. It will add new slides, with magnets, to the Google Slides you have already got.

fridge image

Tip: Use the View menu and choose Theme Builder. Add an image of a fridge to the background.

image of 1950s periwinkle blue refrigerator
Proper click on on the picture. Save Picture As. Use this picture as a background in your Google Slides in case you like.
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Magically Create Refrigerator Poetry in Google Slides


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